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Dresden Generating Station is set to close in Fall of 2021, causing a devastating impact to our community.  Let's stand together to save jobs, homes, and our community.

Update - June 1, 2021

A tentative agreement has been reached with Governor Pritzker, the Illinois General Assembly, and Exelon to keep Dresden Station open for at least the next five years. The energy bill is expected to be signed by the governor sometime in June. Thank you to Senators Rezin and Joyce, Representatives Welter and Haas, and organized labor for tireless efforts to save Dresden Station.  Also, thank you to all that called or emailed the governor and legislators.

Economic Impact

Exelon's Dresden Generation Station is more than a local power source, but an asset to the community, your neighbors, and our economy.

  • Employment

    Dresden provides our friends, families, and neighbors with 804 direct and an additional 865 indirect jobs.  The station's annual payroll with benefits is $104 million.  The livelhood of over 1,600 people depend on Dresden.

  • Local Taxes

    Dresden Station pays about $23 million annually in property taxes to fund seven different taxing districts.  The impact on education, fire protection services, library services, Joliet Junior College, and County government are huge.  

  • Community Contributions

    More than $200,000 in station and employee contributions go to United Way and other local civic and charitable organizations annually.

  • Customers Served

    Approximately 1.8 million homes are served with carbon free energy by Dresden, generating more than 15,000,000 MW hours of power.

Dresden inside

Join the movement and sign the petition!

Without changes to Illinois law, Dresden Generating Station will close in 2021. This will hurt Illinois and Grundy County because it means 1600 direct and indirect jobs eliminated. This will hurt local schools and cause property taxes to go up. Governor JB Pritzker has the power to #SaveDresden. Please sign our petition and call and email the Governor.

  • Sign the petition at

What Can You Do?

Illinois lawmakers have the power to #savedresden

Time is running out to save our nuclear plants.  If you are able/willing, please use this form letter and mail it to the Governor's office today. 

You can help by calling Governor Pritzker today! Tell him how important over 1,600 jobs are to our families, neighbors, and communities.  We need to save Dresden Station from closing early.

        Governor's Office Numbers:

            Springfield:  (217) 782-6830

            Chicago:  (312) 814-2122

  • Sign the Petition

    Sign-our petition at

  • Contact State Officials

    Reach out to the Governor and your State Officials to voice your concerns!

    Governor's Office:
    Springfield: (217) 782-6830
    Chicago: (312) 814-2122

House Energy & Environment Committee

Chairperson : Ann M. Williams D [email protected] (773) 880-9082
Vice-Chairperson : Robyn Gabel D [email protected] (847) 424-5401
Republican Spokesperson : David A. Welter R [email protected] (815) 416-1475
Member: Carol Ammons D [email protected] (217) 531-1660
Member: Darren Bailey R [email protected] (618) 665-4109
Member: Tim Butler R [email protected] (217) 782-0053
Member: Dan Caulkins R [email protected] (217) 876-1968
Member: William Davis D [email protected] (708) 799-7300
Member: Daniel Didech D [email protected] (847) 478-9909
Member: Mary Edly-Allen D [email protected] (224) 206-7647
Member: Sonya M. Harper D [email protected] (773) 925-6580
Member: Barbara Hernandez D [email protected] (630) 270-1848
Member: Frances Ann Hurley D [email protected] (773) 445-8128
Member: Lindsey LaPointe D [email protected] (773) 647-1174
Member: Theresa Mah D [email protected] (872) 281-5775
Member: Michael T. Marron R [email protected] (217) 477-0104
Member: Joyce Mason D [email protected] (847) 485-9986
Member: Deanne M. Mazzochi R [email protected] (630) 852-8633
Member: Charles Meier R [email protected] (618) 651-0405
Member: Chris Miller R [email protected] (618) 546-0044
Member: Anna Moeller D [email protected] (847) 841-7130
Member: Bob Morgan D [email protected] (847) 780-8471
Member: Thomas Morrison R [email protected] (847) 202-6584
Member: Michelle Mussman D [email protected] (847) 923-9104
Member: Nathan D. Reitz D [email protected] (618) 282-7284
Member: Dave Severin R [email protected] (618) 440-5090
Member: Nicholas K. Smith D [email protected] (773) 783-8800
Member: André Thapedi D [email protected] (773) 581-9250
Member: Dan Ugaste R [email protected] (630) 797-5530
Member: Lawrence Walsh, Jr. D [email protected] (815) 730-8600
Member: Keith R. Wheeler R [email protected] (630) 345-3464

Senate Energy & Public Utilities

Chairperson : Michael E. Hastings D [email protected] (815) 464-5431
Vice-Chairperson : Laura Ellman D [email protected] (630) 453-5488
Minority Spokesperson : Sue Rezin R [email protected] (815) 220-8720
Member: Christopher Belt D (618) 875-1212
Member: Cristina Castro D [email protected] (847) 214-8864
Member: Thomas Cullerton D (630) 903-6662
Member: Bill Cunningham D [email protected] (773) 445-8128
Member: Suzy Glowiak Hilton D (630) 785-3177
Member: Mattie Hunter D [email protected] (312) 949-1908
Member: Emil Jones III D (773) 995-7748
Member: Patrick J. Joyce D [email protected] (708) 756-0882
Member: Kimberly A. Lightford D [email protected] (708) 632-4500
Member: Terry Link D [email protected] (847) 623-3006
Member: Iris Y. Martinez D [email protected] (773) 278-2020
Member: Antonio Muñoz D [email protected] (773) 869-9050
Member: Patricia Van Pelt D [email protected] (312) 888-9191
Member: Neil Anderson R [email protected] (309) 736-7084
Member: Jason A. Barickman R [email protected] (309) 661-2788
Member: John F. Curran R [email protected] (630) 914-5733
Member: Dale Fowler R (618) 294-8951
Member: Steve McClure R [email protected] (217) 245-7456
Member: Paul Schimpf R (618) 684-1100
Member: Craig Wilcox R [email protected] (815) 455-6330

Press Releases and News

Keep up to date with the latest news on the Dresden closure.

Illinois energy bill deal to include Exelon nuclear plants

Governor Pritzker and the Illinois General Assembly have reached a tentative agreement with Exelon to keep Dresden, Byron, and the Braidwood plants open for at least the next five years.

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Legislation preserves nuclear fleet to set Illinois on path to carbon-free economy

Senator Rezin, along with other legislators, unveiled legislation yesterday regarding clean energy and preserving the state’s nuclear fleet. The bill would build a 100 percent clean energy economy in Illinois and would preserve the state’s nuclear fleet to ensure that upwards of 28,000 jobs are saved and millions of dollars in tax revenue are garnered…

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“Built to Last” – Importance of Nuclear Power

A great program about the importance of nuclear power provided by Dresden and Byron stations and included comments by Grundy County community leaders.

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Illinois Legislature must move quickly to keep electric bills low and promote green energy

The failure of national energy markets to support clean energy soon will force the premature retirement of two of the state’s zero-carbon nuclear plants, putting thousands of people out of work, raising energy costs and taking us decades backward in the fight against climate change.

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Communities Surrounding Closed Nuclear Power Plants Face Terrible Challenges Moving Forward

Last week the Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative released their report investigating the socioeconomic impacts of nuclear power plant closures on surrounding host communities across the nation.

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Closing two Illinois nuclear plants is bad news for working people and a clean energy future

For more than 40 years, nuclear plants haven’t been just a source of power. They’ve been vital to our local economy, with good-paying jobs.

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A look at Exelon’s 4 economically challenged nuclear plants in Illinois

Exelon Corp.-owned nuclear power plants in Illinois eyed for early retirement have had declining financial margins of late, according to an analysis using S&P Global Market Intelligence’s plant-level production cost model.

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Exelon Closure Document to NRC

Exelon submits letter to NRC to permanently cease power operations at Dresden.  

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Nancy Norton, GEDC President & CEO, Talks With WJOL on Dresden Closing

Dresden Station is a huge employer, important part of our communities, and an intergral part of the Grundy County Economy. Listen to Nancy Norton on WJOL with Scott Slocum.  

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Without another bailout, Exelon plans to close two Illinois nuclear plants next year

With Gov. J.B. Pritzker blocking another round of ratepayer subsidies, ComEd’s parent company said Thursday it plans to close two of the state’s nuclear plants next year.

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Sen. Rezin reacts to Exelon’s Announcement to Close Dresden Generating Station

On August 27, the Exelon Corporation announced its intentions to close its Dresden Generating Station. State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) issued the following statement in response

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Rep. Welter reaction to Exelon announcement regarding future of Dresden Station

State Representative David Allen Welter, R-Morris, issued the following statement today in response to Exelon’s announcement that the company plans to retire Dresden Station by November 2021

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Kinzinger Statement on Byron, Dresden Plant Closures

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) released the following statement on the announcement to close two nuclear power plants in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District.

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Exelon Generation to Retire Illinois’ Byron and Dresdon Nuclear Plants in 2021

The official release from Exelon about the upcoming Fall 2021 closure

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Economic impact of Dresden closing will be stunning

Study shows it will affect more than 1,600 jobs.

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Sen. Joyce reacts to Dresden’s Plant Closure

Senator Patrick Joyce enraged over Dresden nuclear plant shutdown.

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Exelon announces plans to close 2 nukes absent a state rescue

Exelon announced it’s closing two of the five nuclear stations that serve the Chicago area. The Dresden plant in Grundy County and the Byron station south of Rockford will shut in fall 2021. Exelon has warned that those plants would close without legislation to provide more revenue to them

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